Geoffrey Hutchings (left) with Stephen Marcus (right) in Hogfather


Geoffrey Hutchings (foreground) just before his body disappears in Hogfather

Geoffrey Hutchings (1939 - 2010)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Henry V (1989) [Nym]: Stabbed to death by a French soldier while trying to loot the valuables from corpses on the battlefield.

TV Deaths Edit

  • Hogfather (2006; TV movie) [Mr. Brown]: Thrown down a long spiral staircase by Stephen Marcus, acting on Marc Warren's instructions; his body is shown when he lands at the bottom of the stairs in front of Michelle Dockery and Rhodri Meilir. Because Death cannot enter the Tooth Fairy's castle, Geoffrey's body immediately disappears in order to re-materialize (off-screen) in the outside world so that Death can collect him.

Noteworthy Connections Edit

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