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Genna Chanelle Hayes (left) with Dave Beamish in Charlie's Farm
Genna Chanelle Hayes unconscious in Charlie's Farm
Genna Chanelle Hayes trying to free herself in Charlie's Farm
Blood being squeezed from Genna Chanelle Hayes' head in Charlie's Farm
Genna Chanelle Hayes dead in Charlie's Farm

Genna Chanelle Hayes (19?? - )

Film Deaths

  • Charlie's Farm (2014) [Alyssa]: Knocked unconscious by Nathan Jones. Nathan then places Genna on the ground with her head lying in front of a tractor's wheel. Nathan then pushes the tractor until the wheel is on top of Genna's head, pinning it to the ground. Genna then regains consciousness and tries to free herself in a panic. Nathan then climbs onto the tractor, jumps in the air, and lands on it with his full weight, completely squashing Genna's head.
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