Gene Simmons in 'Runaway'

Gene Simmons (1949 - )

Not to be confused with famous British actress Jean Simmons.

Bassit and vocalist of KISS

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Runaway (1984) [Dr, Charles Luther]: Injected with acid by his own robotic spiders at the end of a fight with Tom Selleck; he dies after suddenly lunging at Tom, with his robotic spiders self destructing around him.
  • Never Too Young to Die (1986) [Carruthers/Velvet Von Ragner]: Killed at the end of a fight/shootout with John Stamos and Vanity.
  • Wanted: Dead or Alive (1986) [Malak Al Rahim]: Killed in an explosion/decapitated when Rutger Hauer tapes a grenade to his mouth then pulls the pin out.
  • Red Surf (1989) [Doc]: Killed by drug dealers.
  • Wish You Were Dead (2002) [Vinny]: Killed in a fight/shootout.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park (1978 TV Movie) [The Demon]: The real members of KISS destroy evil robotic versions of the band KISS onstage
  • The Hitchhiker: O.D. Feelin' (1986) [Mr Big]: Killed, alongside his makers, when he cuts into a package of cocaine that causes vapors to flood the room and suffocate them all. Afterwards, a cleaning lady comes into the room and find it full of cocaine and all of their bodies, reduced to skeletons, buried underneath.

Notable Connections:Edit

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