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Gene Barry (with Rod Steiger) in Back from Eternity

Gene Barry (1919 - 2009)

Film Deaths[]

  • Alaska Seas (1954) [Verne Williams]: Drowns/freezes to death after his boat collides with an avalanche coming off an iceberg.
  • Forty Guns (1957) [Wes Bonnell]: Shot to death by John Ericson at Gene's wedding. (Thanks to Gordon)
  • Guyana: Cult of the Damned (1979) [Congressman Lee O'Brien]: Shot to death, along with defecting cult members, by cult member guards at the air strip.

TV Deaths[]

  • Burke's Law: Who Killed Snooky Martinelli? (1964) [Amos Burke/Snooky Martinelli]: In a dual role as both his regular character "Burke" and a lookalike "Sooky". "Snooky" is shot in the chest by Hoagy Carmichael when he opens his door to a knock. ("Amos Burke" survives obviously) (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Name of the Game: One of the Girls In Research (1970) [Glenn Howard] Falls off of the roof of the office building when Brenda Vaccaro accidentally knocks him off (ironically, she was trying to grab him to stop him from jumping when he threatened to commit suicide). The scene freezes frame with him in midair. Then Brenda wakes up and we see that it was a dream. Gene actually survives the episode.
  • The Devil and Miss Sarah (1971) [Rankin]: Shot to death in a gunfight with James Drury.