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Gavin MacLeod in 'Murder, She Wrote: The Big Show of 1965'

Gavin MacLeod (1931 - 2021)

Film Death:[]

  • The Sword of Ali Baba (1965) [Hulagu Khan]: Stabbed through the chest in the climactic swordfight with Peter Mann.

Television Deaths:[]

  • Rawhide: The Meeting (1965) [Rian Powers]: Shot to death by Eric Fleming when Gavin open fires on him. Mel Gallagher was also shooting at Gavin but its most likely Eric dealt the deadly round.
  • Garrison's Gorillas: Black Market (1967) [Guido] Shot by Ron Harper in a shoot-out.
  • Combat!: The Masquers (1967) [British Cpl. Tommy Behan]: After being wounded in the shoulder he makes the fatal mistake of giving his submachinegun to Roger Perry when he could no longer stay awake. Perry who was a German GI impersonator machinegunned him were he sat.
  • Ironside: Return of the Hero (1968) [Daniel Gerber]: Killed by a bomb planted in his shower by Hank Brandt.
  • Murder, She Wrote: The Big Show of 1965 (1990) [Art Sommers]: Hit on the head (off-screen) with a flower vase by Anne Francis. His body is shown afterwards when Sheldon Leonard and Donald O'Connor discover him.

Notable Connections[]

  • Mr. Patti MacLeod (divorced, remarried)