Gary hudson

Gary Hudson's death in Smallville: Covenant

Gary Hudson (1956 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Force (1994) [Des Flynn]: Bludgeoned to death by Lyman Ward in an abandoned jail; Lyman then disguises his death as a motorcycle accident. Throughout the rest of the movie, Gary's spirit occupies and occasionally takes over Jason Gedrick's body.
  • A Lover's Revenge (2005 TV) [Rob Manners]: Shot to death by William R. Moses, with his body later being discovered by his wife Alexandra Paul.
  • Murder in My House (2006 TV) [Brian Ellis]: Stabbed with a gardening hoe by Barbara Niven as Gary is attempting to kill her.
  • The Perfect Boss (2013 TV)  [Don Renfro]: Bludgeoned to death by Linden Ashby on Jamie Luner's orders.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Touched by an Angel: The Sky Is Falling (1996) [Tom Pound]: A state trouper that apparently was trampled (off-screen) by animals. The farmer let them go astray so that the martians didn’t get them but later found out it was only a radio broadcast. Shown when Brian Keith and Roma Downey are trying to get through the memory of that dreaded day in 1938.
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