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Garry Robbins (1957 - 2013)

  • Pro wrestler (The Paul Bunyan of the North)
  • Tallest man in Canada

Film Deaths[]

  • Humongous (1982) [Ida's Son]: Impaled on a spike/set of spikes after being set on fire presumably by Janet Julian, having been tricked into thinking she's his mother (Shay Garner). (Garry was wearing heavy deformed makeup for this role).
  • Gladiator Cop (1995) [Mongol]: Presumably killed by Lorenzo Lamas.
  • Balance of Power (Hidden Tiger) (1996) [Giant Man]: Presumably killed by Billy Blanks.
  • Wrong Turn (2003) [Saw-Tooth]: Burned to death/Killed in an explosion (along with Ted Clarke) when Desmond Harrington shoots a gas tank of a trooper's truck that has been driven into Ted and Garry's home (Having first been stabbed/impaled in the stomach, partially set on fire and shot in the back of the head with one of his own arrows by Eliza Dushku). (Garry was wearing heavy deformed makeup for this role)

TV Deaths[]

  • None known

Notable Connections[]

  • Uncle of Devin Robbins