Garrett Wang, Emanations

Garrett Wang in Star Trek: Voyager: Emanations

Garrett Wang (1968 - )

TV Deaths Edit

  • Star Trek: Voyager: Emanations (1995) [Ensign Harry Kim]: Killed when he enters an alien euthanasia device that then transports his body to a cave full of the dead bodies of other aliens. He is revived and survives the episode.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Deadlock (1996) [Ensign Harry Kim]: After Voyager is duplicated, one Harry Kim falls through a hull breach and into the vacuum of space. The other Harry Kim survives.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Timeless (1998) [Ensign Harry Kim]: Killed when his shuttle explodes. His death is undone when he successfully sends a signal to the past, preventing Voyager from being destroyed and altering the timeline.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Course: Oblivion (1999) [Ensign Harry Kim]: Playing a "bio-mimetic copy" of his usual character, the copy is killed when the copy of Voyager is destroyed.
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