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Gareth Thomas in Blake's 7: Blake

Gareth Thomas (1945 - 2016)

TV Deaths[]

  • Blake's 7: Weapon (1979) [Roj Blake]: Playing the real 'Blake' and the clones, one of the clones is killed when Brian Croucher fires a laser from his cybernetic arm at the clone; the real 'Blake' and the other clone survive.
  • Blake's 7: Blake (1981) [Roj Blake]: Shot repeatedly in the chest with a ray gun by Paul Darrow, after Paul thinks Gareth had betrayed the resistance to the Federation (not knowing that Gareth was a triple agent).
  • Morgan's Boy: Part 8 of 8 (1984) [Morgan Thomas]: Commits suicide by shooting himself (off-camera) with a double-barrelled shotgun after putting down his own dog.
  • Knights of God: Episode 13 of 13 (1987) [Owen Edwards]: Succumbs to his wounds after being shot by Julian Fellowes, but not before shooting John Woodvine.
  • Torchwood: Ghost Machine (2006) [Ed Morgan]: Accidentally impales himself on his own knife.