Raymond Browne

Gano Grills before his off-screen death in Oz: You Bet Your LIfe

Gano Grills (19?? - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • In Too Deep (1999) [Frisco]: Tortured to death by LL Cool J and his cohorts after being violated with a pool cue for being involved with LL Cool J's wife (as Omar Epps looks on in shock), his partially dismembered body is later seen when garbage men find him in a dumpster.
  • Bamboozled (2000) [Mau Mau: Double Blak]: Shot to death (along with most of the Mau Mau members) by the police during a shootout.
  • Shaft (2000) [Cornbread]: Killed in a fight/shootout with cops/gangsters.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Oz: You Bet Your LIfe (2000) [Mondo Browne]: Murdered off-screen by Christopher Meloni during a fight, who makes it look like a hate crime in revenge for Gano sleeping with Lee Tergesen and to destabilize a current truce (we only see Meloni barring the caged door to the storage room their in).
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