Gail Harris (1964 -)
  • Gail Harris holds the gun - Carnival of Wolves
  • Gail Harris tries to shoot - Carnival of Wolves
  • Gail Harris finds out the gun isn't loaded- Carnival of Wolves
  • Gail Harris before getting shot - Carnival of Wolves
  • Gail Harris gets shot in stomach - Carnival of Wolves
  • Gail Harris incapacited from wound - Carnival of Wolves
  • Gail Harris dying - Carnival of Wolves
  • Gail Harris with Forrest Montgomery - Carnival of Wolves
  • Gail Harris after death - Carnival of Wolves

a.k.a. Robyn Harris or Gail Thackray

Film DeathsEdit

TV DeathsEdit

  • None


  • She was a Page 3 girl for the British tabloid press.
  • Popular nude model from the mid–1980s, frequenting the pages of various pornographic magazines, including Knave, Mayfair, High Society, and Genesis.
  • Began her career as an extra and actress performing nude scenes in low-budget B-movies, sexploitation films, and softcore porn film and video.
  • Performed stunt work and did body double on several projects.
  • Popularly known as a "Scream Queen" and was named to website Mr. Skin's Nudity Hall of Fame.
  • In 1988, She founded Falcon Foto, a prominent provider of adult-entertainment material to the publishing and Internet industries with a library of over 2 million images. A 2004 USA Today story stated that Falcon Foto had the world's largest privately owned library of erotic photos, worth more than $25 million according to online experts.Falcon Foto also serves as the major licensor of adult material to print publishing groups, contributing approximately 40% of all photo content in the industry.
  • She retired from acting and producing in 2002 and stayed on as a resident of Los Angeles in the United States.


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