Gabrielle Anwar (1970 - )


Gabrielle Anwar in Fallen Angels: Dead-End for Delia

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Body Snatchers (1993) [Marti Malone]: Her alien duplicate dies writhing on the infirmary table when Billy Wirth breaks the connection between the duplicate and the real Gabrielle before the replacement is complete. (The real Gabrielle survives.) (Nudity alert: Topless)
  • The Grave (1996) [Jordan]: Executed in the electric chair; the movie cuts to black as the switch is thrown. (Thanks to Crimson Ghost and Arthur)
  • The Guilty (2000) [Sophie Lennon]: Beaten to death with a gun by Jaimz Woolvett; we only see him bringing the gun down, and not the impact. (Thanks to Anonymous and Alessio)
  • Crazy Eights (2006) [Beth Patterson]: Dies of shock/blood loss after her jaw is torn off. Her body is shown afterwards when Dina Meyer and the others discover her. (Thanks to Zack)

Television Deaths:Edit



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