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Gabriele Lavia in Deep Red

Gabriele Lavia (1942 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Deep Red (Profondo rosso; Hatchet Murders; The Saber Tooth Tiger) (1975) [Carlo]: Imapled in the leg by a hook attached to a garbage truck.  The garbage truck then drags him on the streets where he hits his head on a cement sidewalk.  His head is then run over by another car, causing it to explode.  
  • Inferno (1980) [Carlo]: Stabbed in the neck by a mysterious figure
  • Zeder (Revenge of the Dead; Zeder: Voices from the Beyond) (1983) [Stefano]:Killed by his lover (Anne Canovas) after she returns from the dead as the film ends and Gabriele screams. 
  • Sleepless (Non ho sonno; I Can't Sleep) (2001) [Mr. Betti]: Shoots himself in the head. He dies while talking to his son (Robert Zibetti).

TV Deaths[]

None known.