Fryda Wolff (1982-)

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • The Park (2015) [Lorraine Maillard]: Appears to die following a sequence during which multiple lacerations appear on her wrists, causing her to lose consciousness and bleed to death. However, this is quickly revealed to be an illusion created by Andrew Kishino 's supernatural powers, and Fryda survives the game in reality.
  • The Secret World: The Seven Silences (2015) [Lorraine Maillard]: Revealed to have died multiple times during the thirty-year interval between games, having committed suicide through a variety of methods including hanging, wrist-slitting and bathtub electrocution; however, her nature as one of Gaia's Chosen resulted in her returning to life on every single occasion. In the Halloween 2015 mission, Fryda is able to kill herself (offscreen) seemingly for good; her spirit is seen again in a dream when the player tries to bring her back from the dead, prompting her ghost to attack in a desperate attempt to stop you, only to be slain by the player's magical powers. The mission ends with Lorraine's spirit appearing to rise from the slab where it was lying, indicating that she's been brought back to life again.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda (2019) [Sara Ryder]: If the player chooses Fryda as the player character, Fryda dies two clinical deaths. The first occurs when she dies from asphyxiation hours after being evacuated by her team. Fryda gets medically revived off-screen by Natalie Dormer. The second death occurs when Alexia Traverse-Healy creates an artificial cardiac arrest in order to free Fryda from a special imprisonment binding planted by Robert Kazinsky. Fryda is recuscitated by Alexia minutes after her clinical death.
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