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Freya Tingley in Hemlock Grove: Birth

Freya Tingley (1994 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Jersey Boys (2014) [Francine Valli]: Dies (off-screen) of a drug overdose; we learn of her death afterwards when her father (John Lloyd Young) gets a phone call from the police informing him. The scene then cuts to a scene of her funeral.

TV Deaths[]

  • Hemlock Grove: Birth (2013) [Christina Wendall]: Neck snapped by Nicole Boivin/Michael Andreae while Freya is in her wolf form; her body changes back to her human form after death. (At the end of the episode, screaming is heard coming from her grave, suggesting that she has come back to life.)
  • Hemlock Grove: Luna Rea (2014) [Christina Wendall]: After clawing her way out of her grave in her wolf form, her head is repeatedly bashed with a rock by Madeleine Martin/Michael Andreae; Madeleine/Michael then tears off Freya's head and tears it apart at the jaw to make sure she can't come back to life again. (Freya did not actually appear as an actress in this episode, as the character only appeared in her wolf form.)