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Franka Potente in Run Lola Run

Franka Potente (1974 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Run Lola Run (Lola rennt) (1998) [Lola]: Shot in the chest by a policeman while trying to make a getaway from a grocery-store robbery. (This is the first of the movie's three possible outcomes; she survives in the remaining two.)
  • Blow (2001) [Barbara Buckley]: Dies of cancer (off-screen); we only see a scene of her informing Johnny Depp of her illness, followed by a fade-out to a scene of Johnny attending her funeral some time later. Her body is not shown. (Thanks to Dick Hertz).
  • Blueprint (2003) [Iris Sellen/Siri Sellen]: "Iris" reportedly dies of a terminal illness, but "lives on" by having herself cloned as "Siri." (I haven't seen this movie, but I've read the premise on the movie's IMDB listing.) (Thanks to Dick Hertz)
  • The Bourne Supremacy(2004) [Marie Helena Kreutz]: Shot in the head by Karl Urban while driving with Matt Damon; the car goes into a lake, and her body is shown floating in the water when Matt tries to give her CPR before letting it float away. (Thanks to Alex)
  • Che: Part Two (2008) [Tania]: Machine gunned to death by the Bolivian army as she crosses a river. Her body is briefly shown in the shadows later on, and it is mentioned that her face was eaten by pirannas. 

TV Deaths[]


Wife of Derek Richardson