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Frank Wolff (lying down) in Once Upon a Time in the West

Frank Wolff (1928 - 1971)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • America, America (The Anatolian Smile) (1963) [Vartan Damadian]: Killed by Turkish soldiers. (My memory of this movie is vague, so I may be misremembering what happened.)
  • The Man in a Looking Glass (1965) [Frank Martin]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Steve Forrest, while Frank is disguised as a police officer and robbing a bank with his cohort Bernard Lee. (This film was made by editing together two episodes of the TV series The Baron into a feature; the film was released theatrically in Germany in 1965, before the TV episodes aired in 1966.) (Thanks to Tom)
  • Ringo, the Mark of Vengeance (Los cuatro salvajes) (1966) [Trikie Ferguson] Shot to death by Anthony Steffen.
  • Last Of The Badmen (Il tempo degli avvolto) (1967) [Joshua Tracy]: Shot 3 times in the chest by George Hilton as he is threatening to shoot Pamela Tudor. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Great Silence (Il Grande Silenzio) (1968) [Sheriff Burnett]: Drowned/frozen to death after falling through the ice on a frozen lake. (Director Sergio Corbucci also shot a "happy ending" for other markets, in which Frank suddenly reappears and rides to Jean-Louis Trintignant's rescue, revealing that he survived the lake. The "happy ending" is included as a bonus feature on the DVD)
  • Kill Them All and Come Back Alone (Ammazzali tutti e torna solo) (1968) [Captain Lynch] Shot to death by Chuck Connors
  • Ammazzali tutti e torna solo
  • Cold Eyes of Fear (Gli Occhi freddi della paura) (1971) [Arthur Welt]: Stabbed in the stomach by the mortally-wounded Giovanna Ralli while Frank is trying to kill Gianni Garko. (Thanks to Johan)

TV Deaths:Edit

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