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Frank Whaley in Red Dragon

Frank Whaley (1963 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Little Monsters (1989) [Boy]: Burned to death after Fred Savage and the other children expose him to improvised light. (Frank was wearing heavy make up for this role.)
  • A Midnight Clear (1992) [Paul 'Father' Mundy]: Shot to death by Gary Sinise during a staged skirmish.
  • Swing Kids (1993) [Arvid]: Commits suicide by slashing his wrists with a broken record in the bathtub.
  • Pulp Fiction (1994) [Brett]: Shot in the chest by Samuel L. Jackson and in the back by John Travolta in his hotel room.
  • The Winner (1996) [Joey]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with Billy Bob Thornton in the casino. He dies shortly afterwards while trying to talk to Vincent D'Onofrio (who ignores him). (It's been a while since I've seen this movie, so my memory might be vague on the details.)
  • When Trumpets Fade (1998) [Medic Chamberlain]: Killed in combat with the German forces in the woods.
  • Red Dragon (2002) [Ralph Mandy]: Shot in the head by Ralph Fiennes outside Emily Watson's home. (See also Bill Cwikowski in the 1986 version Manhunter.)
  • Cherry Crush (2007) [Wade Chandling]: Beaten to death with a log by Nikki Reed while Frank is attacking Jonathan Tucker. Nikki and Jonathan then carry his body across a stream and conceal it.
  • Vacancy (2007) [Mason]: Shot three times in the chest and stomach by Kate Beckinsale with one of his own guns during a shootout (his body is later seen as she goes to call the police).
  • The Cell 2 (2009) [Duncan]: Shot by Chris Bruno while Frank is holding Tessie Santiago hostage. He then falls from the bleachers of a football stadium.
  • Warning Shot (2018) [David]: Stabbed to death by David Spade on top of having been shot in the leg earlier by Guillermo Diaz.
  • The Shed (2019) [Bane]: Bitten by a vampire (Damian Norfleet), turning him into a vampire as well. Later he is decapitated with a sledgehammer by Sofia Happonen as he is struggling with Jay Jay Warren.
  • Death on the Border (2023) [Detective John Watson]: Shot in the back by William Guirola. He dies whilst talking to Shannon Elizabeth.

Television Deaths[]