Frank Graham (1914 - 1950)

note: this roles are voiceovers

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Early Bird Dood It! (1942) [Bird]: Eaten (offscreen) by the Cat (Dick Nelson) shortly after he successfully caught and ate the Worm (Dick Nelson).
  • Red Hot Riding Hood (1943) [Wolf]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head after promising to kill himself if he even looked at another woman after all the trouble he went through, his ghost is seen afterwards howling and whistling at Red (Sara Berner).
  • Chicken Little (1943) [Foxy Loxy/Chicken Little/Cocky Locky/Turkey Lurky/Henny Penny/Various]: Chicken Little, Cocky Locky, Turkey Lurky, and Henny Penny are eaten (offscreen) with the rest of the barnyard fowl by Foxy Loxy after he tricks them into believing the world is ending and that the only shelter is his cave where he traps them inside, he is then shown to have eaten them and made tombstones for them with their wishbones.
  • The Shooting Of Dan McGoo (1945) [Wolf]: Shot to death (offscreen) by Droopy (Bill Thompson) during a gun fight.
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