Francisco Rabal in "Dagon".

Francisco Rabal (1926 - 2001)

Film DeathsEdit

  • A Time of Destiny (1988) [Jorge Larraneta] Drowns when he loses control of the car and plunges into a lake (during a chase with Timothy Hutton). His body is shown when a nurse closes his eyes then again when his son (William Hurt) uncovers him.
  • Dagon (2001) [Ezequiel] Throat slit by Ferran Lahoz, as Ferran also cuts the skin around Francisco's face and eyes to peel his face off. (Thanks to Eric)

Notable ConnectionsEdit

Mr. Asuncion Balaguer

Father of Benito Rabal (director) and Teresa Rabal

Grandfather of Liberto Rabal

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