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Francis Matthews, dead at the end of The Saint: To Kill a Saint

Francis Matthews (1927 – 2014)

Film Deaths[]

  • Murder Ahoy (1964) [Lt. Compton]: Stabbed to death with a saber by William Mervyn (only the blade is shown). He is then hanged (off-screen) at the mizzen mast. We see him later again when Margaret Rutherford discovers him.
  • Crossplot (1969) [Ruddock]: Trampled to death by horses, while running away from Roger Moore.

TV Deaths[]

  • The Avengers: The Thirteenth Hole (1966) [Collins]: Shot in the head from distance by Victor Maddern who fires a golf ball from a 'cannon' (it resembles an anti-tank gun). (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Saint: To Kill a Saint (1967) [Andre Turgot]: Shot by Peter Dyneley as he is about to shoot Roger Moore.
  • Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: The Mysterons (1967) [Captain Scarlet]: Killed in a car crash along with Captain Brown (Charles Tingwell), both of whom are reconstructed by the Mysterons. The Mysteron duplicate is later shot by Captain Blue (Ed Bishop), causing him to fall off an 800ft car park in the process and freeing Scarlet from the Mysteron influence. Due to his indestructible nature, Captain Scarlet frequently dies and revives throughout the series.