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Fortunato Arena in A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die

Fortunato Arena (1922 - 1994)

Film Deaths Deaths Edit

  • A Minute To Pray, A Second to Die (Un Minuto per pregare, un istante per morire) (1968) [Old Bandit] Shot to death off-screen by bounty hunters. His body is later shown laying on the floor. 
  • The Great Silence (Il Grand Silenzio) (1968) [Outlawr]: Shot to death by Klaus Kinski's men during the saloon massacre. 
  • Django the Bastard (Django il bastardo) (1969) [Murdok Henchman] Shot to death by Anthony Steffen
  • Sabata (Ehi amico...c'e Sabata. Hai chiuso!) (1969) [Henchman at Ranch] Shot to death in the films climatic shoot-out.
  • The Unholy Four' '(Ciakmull - L'uomo della vendetta) (1970) [Asylum Warden]: Dies in a fire while the asylum burns down. 

TV Deaths Edit

None known

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