Final Score (2018) Directed by Scott Mann

Plot[edit | edit source]

A revolution for independence in Russia's state of Sakovya ends in failure, after one of its leaders Arkady Belav (Ray Stevenson) is betrayed with help from his own brother Dimitri (Pierce Brosnan) and captured. Now Arkady has been broken out of prison and has arrived in London looking for his sibling. Managing to trick Dimitri by luring him to a European Cup Semi Final football match, Arkady's loyalists systematically seize control of the stadium packed with fans. Among them is disgraced former soldier Michael Knox (Dave Bautista) who is hoping to make amends to his niece Danni (Lara Peake) for letting his brother, her father, die in conflict. When his niece is captured, Michael is ordered to help locate Dimitri for Arkady, or not only will she die but so too will everyone in the stadium due to the numerous bombs rigged to detonate throughout the complex...and Michael has less than ninety minutes to prevent a potential massacre.

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