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[ Fernando Rey] (1917 - 1994)
[[File:Fernandorey-companeros.jpg|frame|Fernando Rey in ''Companeros'']][ Fernando Rey] (1917 - 1994)
== Film Deaths: ==
== Film Deaths: ==

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Fernando Rey in Companeros

Fernando Rey (1917 - 1994)

Film Deaths:

  • The Last Days of Pompeii (Gli Ultimi giorni di Pompei) (1959) [Arbaces, High Priest]: Crushed to death when a statue of Isis falls on him. (Thanks to Andrea)
  • Companeros (Vamos a matar, companeros!) (1970) [Professor Xantos]: Shot in the chest by Jack Palance, after Fernando rushes out into the street with an unloaded gun as a distraction when Jack is about to shoot Tomas Milian.
  • French Connection II (1975) [Alain Charnier]: Shot to death by Gene Hackman while Fernando is attempting to escape on his boat. (Thanks to Robert and Ford)
  • Seven Beauties (Pasqualino Settebellezze) (1975) [Pedro, the Anarchist]: Machine-gunned by Nazi guards after he makes a break for it and dives into the latrine in the concentration camp; we only see the guards firing into the latrine after Fernando disappears beneath the filthy water.

TV Deaths:

None known

Noteworthy Connections:

Husband of Mabel Karr

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