Fede Rangel in LGS

Federica Rangel in Last Girl Standing

Federica Rangel (19?? - )

aka Fede Rangel, Mia Rangel, Mia Fede Rangel

Film Deaths Edit

  • Last Girl Standing (2015) (as Mia Rangel) [Anneke]: Tied to a tree and stabbed multiple times in the stomach (off-camera) by Jason Vines. Akasha Villalobos discovers Federica still alive and frees her from the tree but Jason arrives and sets off a trap that sends a sharpened log swinging down at the girls from above. The log impales Akasha through the shoulder and impales Federica through the chest. This kills Federica and badly wounds Akasha; it also attaches the two girls together and pins them to the tree. Akasha is finally able to push the log out of her wound and escape. This causes Federica's body to drop to the ground.
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