Federica Bertolani's death in Orgoglio e sensualità

Federica Bertolani in Orgogliio e sensualita

Federica Bertolani dead in Orgoglio e sensualità

Federica Bertolani (dead) in Orgoglio e sensualita

Federica Bertolani (1986 - )

Miss Toscana 2004

Film Deaths Edit

  • Orgoglio e sensualità (2010) [Samantha] Strangled by Roberto Merlino in a catatonic state caused by the demon Chiara Pavoni. Roberto imagines himself following Chiara, in fact after the last murder he remembers and we see in a flashback the scene of Federica's death. Federica's body is found by Camilla Bertinato.
  • Ultimo amore (2012) [Giulia] Strangled by Alessandro Lucarelli.
  • Sogni smontati (The Swedish Dream) (2015) [Sexy Yvonne Bricoleur] Dies for not specific causes (played whit comic effets).
  • Alienween (2016) [Sara] Infected with an alien fluid, the breast is enlarged until it explodes.
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