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Ezra Weisz (1971-)

a.k.a. Ethan Murray

Film Deaths[]

  • Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 (2021; animated) [Zeolite]: Disintegrated by Sailor Venus (Cherami Leigh) with Venus Love and Beauty Shock

Television Deaths[]

  • Power Rangers: Wild Force: The Master's Herald Pt. 2 (2002) [Mandilok]: Voicing a monster and as the male voice, destroy by Ilia Volok, but is later revived in Sealing the Nexus.
  • Power Rangers: Wild Force: Sealing the Nexus (2002) [Mandilok]: Destroy by the Rangers' Jungle Blaster along with Michael Sorich and Ken Merckx.
  • The Big O: Eyewitness (2003; anime) [Phil]: Voicing a robot, he was blown up with a bomb at the start of the episode.