Ezra Weisz (1971-)

a.k.a. Ethan Murray

TV DeathsEdit

  • Power Rangers: Wild Force: The Master's Herald Pt. 2 (2002) [Mandilok]: Voicing a monster and as the male voice, destroy by Ilia Volok, but is later revived in Sealing the Nexus.
  • Power Rangers: Wild Force: Sealing the Nexus (2002) [Mandilok]: Destroy by the Rangers' Jungle Blaster along with Michael Sorich and Ken Merckx.
  • The Big O: Eyewitness (2003; anime) [Phil]: Voicing a robot, he was blown up with a bomb at the start of the episode.
  • Code Geass: Nunnally Held Hostage (2008; anime) [Mao]: After probing Suzaku's (Yuri Lowenthal) mind, he gets silenced with Geass by an enraged Lelouch (Johnny Yong Bosch), rendering him unable to speak. As he tries to escape, he gets confronted by C.C. (Kate Higgins), who admits her love for him. As C.C. embraces Mao one last time, she pulls a silenced pistol on him and shoots him dead.
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