Extraterrestrial (2014)

Directed by Colin Minihan



  • The original title for this film was "The Visitors."
  • In the scene where April (Brittany Allen) is speaking with her father during a Skype call, on her desktop you can see a pirated copy of Grave Encounters (2011), which is the The Vicious Brothers first movie; The Vicious Brothers being the makers of this movie.
  • There are actors in extraterrestrial that were in the Vicious Brothers film Grave Encounters. Sean Rogerson and Mackenzie Gray (plays the smoking man right at the end of the film).
  • Michael Ironside came up with the idea for his character to wear a goofy t-shirt.
  • The scarecrow at the farm, where the girls are searching their dog, is wearing a mask of Richard Nixon, ex-president of the USA.
  • The surname of the lady who is abducted in the phone booth is Mcpherson. There is also a Mcpherson family at the center of another alien abduction story/film/hoax.
  • The man in black at the end of the movie resembles "The Smoking Man" from X-Files.

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