Following the first movie, John Eastland (Robert Ginty) continues as the masked Exterminator, and attacks several gang members with a flamethrower following a liquor store robbery. The gang, led by the ambitious X (Mario Van Peebles) plans to take over the city with drugs. John eventually finds a job as a garbageman with his old war buddy Be Gee (Frankie Faison) and dates a dancer named Caroline. But when his activities end up killing X's brother, it leads to retaliation from the gang and a showdown in an old warehouse.   


  • Film debut of Arye Gross and the second ever film role for John Turturro
  • The movie had a number of cuts made to it for violence and length and underwent a number of reshoots. Some of these can be seen in the original theatrical trailer and certain lobby cards. 
  • Mario Van Peebles picked out all his character's outfits for the movie. 
  • All of the scenes of the gang members being fried with the flamethrower (save the one at the end) were done during reshoots with a double in place of Robert Ginty.  
  • Director Mark Buntzman's father David, appears briefly as "Head Mafioso." 

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