Evelyn Stewart  (1939 -)

aka Ida Galli or Isli Oberon


Ida Galli in Knife of Ice

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Fall of Rome (II Crollo di Roma) (1962) [Lucia]: Shot in the stomach with an arrow by a Roman soldier; she dies shortly afterwards as her lover kneels by her side. (Thanks to Franz)
  • Operation Lady Chaplin (Mission speciale Lady Chaplin) (1966) [Constance]: Shot in the stomach by Mabel Karr, after Mabel grabs Ida's gun after a struggle backstage at a fashion show. (Thanks to O)
  • Desert Assault (La Battaglia del deserto; Desert Battle) (1969) [Jane]: Shot in the head (off-screen) by British agents after they discover that she's betrayed them to the Nazis. Her body is shown afterwards as Robert Hossein discovers her. (Thanks to Johan)
  • The Case of the Scorpion's Tail (La Coda dello scorpione; Scorpion's tail) (1971) [Lisa Baumer]: Throat slit by George Hilton , who then slashes her stomach open. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity (I Quattro pistoleri di Santa Trinita) (1971) [Julia]: Shot to death by Peter Lee Lawrence when Ida attempts to shoot him. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Knife of Ice (II Coltello di ghiaccio; Silent Horror) (1972) [Jenny Ascott]: Throat slit (off-camera) by Carroll Baker; the scene ends with Ida screaming just before Carroll strikes. Her body is shown afterwards underneath a car in the garage. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Murder Mansion (La Mansion de la niebla; Maniac Mansion) (1972) [Martha Clinton]: Shot to death by Alberto Dalbes; she lands face-first in the fireplace as she falls. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Spirits of Death (Un Bianco vestito per Mariale) (1972) [Mariale]: Shot to death, along with Ivan Rassimov by Luigi Pistilli. (Thanks to Andrea)
  • The Night Child (II Medaglione insanguinato; The Cursed Medallion) (1975) [Jill]: Pushed off of a cliff and into a waterfall by Nicoletta Elmi. (Thanks to Andrea)


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