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Eve Mauro (1981 - )

Eve Mauro (right) just before her death in Wicked Lake

Film Deaths[]

  • Wicked Lake (2008) [Mary]: Shot inside her mouth by Michael Esparza with a gun. She is later seen alive along with Robin Sydney and Carlee Baker as the scene cuts to black.
  • The Chaos Experiment (2009) (The Steam Experiment) [Jessie]: Shot in the head 3 times with a nail gun by a masked figure when she sticks her head out of a small opening to look outside of the steam room she is locked in.
  • Zombies vs. Strippers (2012) [Sugar Hills]: Killed by zombies while fighting them off from a stripper pole. Zombies are later seen eating her body parts.
  • Misogynist (2013) [Sarah]: Hits her head against a table in a physical altercation with Jon Briddell, who then calls someone to dispose of the body, seen in a flashback.
  • Sorority Party Massacre (2012) [Brooklyn]: Strangled/choked to death in a headlock by Marissa Skell.
  • Riot (2015) [Allison]: Shot twice in the chest by an FBI agent with exit wounds out her back (causing blood to splatter on the wall behind her) as Eve is trying to kill Renny Grames.

TV Deaths[]

  • The Surrogate (2013 TV film) [Remy Daniels]: Falls to her death when she is shoved off a rooftop by Amy Scott after realizing Amy was disguised as her friend.
  • The Oath: Payback (2018) [Teresa Winters]: Shot in the temple by Sean Bean. Her body is shown again in the next episode Allegiance when Sean and Ryan Kwanten dispose of it.
  • Killer Dream Home (2020) [Morgan Dyer]: Dies when a nail from a nail gun fired by Maiara Walsh pierces her head, before Eve could pick up her gun and try to kill Maiara and John DeLuca.