Evasive Action (1998)

Director: Jerry P. Jacobs

DV 12315480 dvd-for-movie-evasive-action


With Redwood Federal Penitentiary closing, convicts are being transferred to new locations, one group are on their way by train to death row in Santa Ana, with exception to Luke Sinclair ([[]]) imprisoned for seeking vigilante justice on those home invaders who slayed his family, he's finishing up the last nine months of a fifteen-year sentence. Unfortunately a soon to executed mafia kingpin Lorenzo "Enzo" Martini ([[]]) has a different destination and aided by his accomplices (who he obviously arranged to be onboard with him) breaks free and seizes control of their mode of transport, taking everyone else on board hostage. Now Luke is faced with going along with this high jacking or turning on his one time prison buddies and freeing those passengers caught up in this escape.


  • One of the convicts quotes from Jaws which Roy Scheider starred in

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