Eva Grimaldi (1961 -)


Eva Grimaldi in Witness Run

Film Deaths Edit

  • Delitti e profumi (1988) [Yoko]: Burned to death after putting on a perfume that was actually an incendiary formula. (Thanks to Alessio and Francesco)
  • The Rat Man (Quella villa in fondo al parco; Terror House) (1988) [Marlis]: Clawed to death (off-screen) by a mutant rat-man; her body is shown afterwards when Janet Agren discovers her. (Nudity alert: Full frontal & rear) (Thanks to Alessio and Francesco)
  • Witness Run (La Signora della citta) (1996) [Carla Veraldi a.k.a. Nadiuska]: Killed in a car crash after being hit on the head with a bottle that another driver had thrown out of his window, causing her to lose control of the car. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Il bello delle donne (2003) [Elfride De Contris]: Dies, though I don't know the circumstances. (Thanks to Alessio)
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