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Etsushi Toyokawa in Sword of Desperation

Etsushi Toyokawa (1962 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Boiling Point (3-4x juugatsu; The 3rd and 4th of October) (1990) [Okinawa-Rengou Kumichou]: Machine gunned to death by Takeshi Kitano who had hidden the gun within flowers.
  • The Man Behind the Scissors (Hasami otoko) (2005) [Yasunaga]: Commits suicide by jumping off a building which is shown towards the end of the film. For nearly the entire movie he is an hallucination of Kumiko Asô who can't accept he is dead.
  • The Great Yokai War (Yokai daisenso; The Great Hobgoblin War; Spook Warfare) (2005) [Lord Yasunori Kato]: Dies when he falls into a fire pit. However, he is seen in the films final frame indicating that he did not die.
  • Sanjuro (Tsubaki Sanjuro) (2007) [Hanbei Muroto] Sliced open with a sword in a duel with Yûji Oda
  • Sword of Desperation (Hisshiken torisashi) (2010) [Kanemi Sanzaemon]: Stabbed to death by multiple Samurai.
  • Midway (2019) [Isoroku Yamamoto]: While he survives the battle, the text epilogue reveals his death later in the war when his plane is shot down on April 18, 1943.


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