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Ethan Hawke in Hamlet

Ethan Hawke (1970 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Newton Boys (1998) [Jess Newton]: Dies off-screen from lung cancer decades after the film ends; his fate is revealed in the onscreen text at the end of the film.
  • Hamlet (2000) [Hamlet]: Shot in the stomach during a struggle with Liev Schreiber; he dies shortly after shooting Kyle MacLachlan and delivering one final speech.
  • Taking Lives (2004) [Martin Asher a.k.a. James Costa]: Stabbed in the heart with a pair of scissors by Angelina Jolie.
  • One Last Thing... (2005) [Earl Jameison]: Dies off-screen of emphysema, several years before the story begins. He only appears in a video recording he made for his son Michael Angarano before his own death, as an imaginary vision who appears to Michael, and finally in the afterlife after Michael's own death.
  • Brooklyn's Finest (2009) [Sal]: Shot repeatedly in the back by one of Michael K. Williams' cohorts. His body appears later on when Brian F. O'Byrne discovers it.
  • Daybreakers (2009) [Edward Dalton]: Is the undead in the beginning of the movie. We later find out that his brother Michele Dorman bit him to become a vampire. Don't know if Vampires count as a death, but I'll list it just I'm case.
  • Staten Island (2009) [Sully Halverson]: After stealing money from the mob, his body is taken to the deli, where it is disposed by Seymour Cassel.
  • Sinister (2012) [Ellison Oswalt]: Decapitated by his possessed daughter Clare Foley; the film cuts just as Clare is about to bring an axe down on Ethan's throat.
  • The Purge (2013) [James Sandin]: Stabbed in the stomach by Rhys Wakefield; he dies while talking to his family.
  • Predestination (2014) [The Barkeep]: Shot in the future by a past version of himself that had time travelled. Due to the nature of the film's twist revealing both Ethan and Sarah Snook are the same character, this death will be listed for both actors.
  • Born to Be Blue (2015) [Chet Baker]: Details needed.
  • The Magnificent Seven (2016) [Goodnight Robicheaux]: Shot to death by round of gunfire from Peter Sarsgaard's men (along with Byung-hun Lee). The gunfire causes Ethan to fall from the rooftop he has been shooting from, and he lands dead on the ground.
  • 24 Hours to Live (2017) [Travis Conrad]: Shot in the chest twice by Qing Xu during a shootout. He was brought back to life as the doctors electrocute him. Later he's is temporarily clinically dead when his live span on his wrist runs out, along with being badly injured from the climatic shootout. He's soon rescued by Qing.
  • First Reformed (2018) [Ernest Toller]: Possibly bleeds to death after wrapping barbed wire around his chest. The movie ends with him kissing with Amanda Seyfried before it abruptly cuts to black.
  • The Northman (2022) [King Horwendil]: Decapitated by Claes Bang on the orders of his wife Nicole Kidman as his son looks behind the rock in horror.
  • The Black Phone (2022) [Albert/The Grabber]: Neck snapped by Mason Thames with a telephone rope at the end of a fight. A sequel has however been announced where it is confirmed that Ethan will return. Given that he is undoubtedly dead, he will probably just return either as a ghost, or the next film will just be a prequel.

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