Esme Bianco dead in Game of Thrones: The Climb

Esmé Bianco (1982 - )

aka. Esmé Augusta Bianco

Film DeathsEdit


TV DeathsEdit

  • Game of Thrones: The Climb (2013) [Ros]: Tortured, then shot arrows multiple times (off-screen) on her hands, legs, chest  (in the heart) and her crotch with a crossbow by Jack Gleeson for amusement. Her body is shown during a dialogue between Aidan Gillen  and Conleth Hill, after Aidan reveals that he arranged the incident to prevent Esmé from acting as Conleth's spy. 


  • She is a model and a neo-burlesque performer.
  • Although originally cast in the pilot of Game of Thrones (2011) for only one scene opposite Peter Dinklage, Bianco's talent spoke volumes and changed the course of the series. Astounded by her single performance, executives boldly swayed from the books on which "Game of Thrones" is based, turning "Ros", a one-time guest star fabricated for the pilot into a series regular. Interestingly, after getting the series green light, the original pilot episode was totally re-shot, with the exception of Bianco's first scene with Dinklage; a scene which garnered her a three-season run.


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