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Erin Cahill in Cold Case: Torn

Erin Cahill (1980 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Boogeyman 3 (2008) [Sarah Morris]: Pulled up by an elevator shaft by the Boogeyman while two police officers stare in disbelief.

TV Deaths[]

  • Cold Case: Torn (2007) [Francis Stone]: Falls to her death after accidentally being pushed over a second floor railing during an argument with her mother (Carolyn McCormick). Her body is initially seen at the start of the episode, and her death is later seen in a flashback. Kathryn Morris later sees her "ghost" (apparently a figment of her imagination) at the end of the episode, after her murder is solved.
  • Red Widow: The Coke (2013) [Felicity]: Shot in her chest by Vince Nappo; she dies in Wil Traval's arms shortly afterward. Her body is later seen after being brought to Rade Serbedzija's home.

Video Game Deaths[]

  • 007: Agent Under Fire (2001) [Carla the Jackal]: Falls into a fan when James Bond (Adam Blackwood) presses a button, causing the crane to push her into the fan, shredding her into bloody pieces.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (2012) [Chloe 'Karma' Lynch]: Erin can die from one of three deaths. The first death occurs if Erin is captured by Julian Sands in the mission Karma and a Joint Strike Force mission is not taken to save her, implying that she is executed. The second death occurs if the player fails in the Joint Strike Force mission rescuing her. The third method of death occurs when Erin is killed in the mission Odysseus from having her throat slit by Julian Sands or gunned down by Celestino Cornielle or being killed by a drone strike hacked by Kamar de los Reyes. Erin's survival in the game requires sacrificing Michael Rooker.