Erich von Stroheim in 'Orient-Express: Man of Many Skins'

Erich von Stroheim (1885 - 1957)


Film Deaths:Edit

  • Blind Husbands (1919) [Lieutenant Erich von Steuben]: Falls to his death while climbing a mountain.
  • Foolish Wives (1922) [Count Wladislaw Sergius Karamzin]: Killed by Cesare Gravina .
  • The Lost Squadron (1932) [Arthur von Furst]: Shot to death by either Richard Dix or Joel McCrea when Erich tries to escape; Richard then places Erich's body in the cockpit of a plane and crashes it to cover up what happened.
  • The Crime of Dr. Crespi (1935) [Dr. Andre Crespi]: Commits suicide by shooting himself.
  • So Ends Out Night (1941) [Brenner]: Pushed over a railing by Fredric March.
  • The North Star (Armored Attack) (1943) [Dr. Von Harden]: Shot to death by Walter Huston.
  • The Lady and the Monster (The Lady and the Doctor; Monster & Tiger Man; Tiger Man) (1944) [Professor Franz Mueller]: Shot by Mary Nash while Erich is struggling with Richard Arlen .
  • The Great Flamarion (1945) [The Great Flamarion]: Shot by Mary Beth Hughes backstage at a theatre; he manages to strangle her in turn, then dies after confessing to Lester Allen. The movie begins with the sound of the shooting (off-camera); after Lester discovers Erich, the rest of the movie proceeds in flashback, and Erich dies shortly after the film catches up to the present.
  • Scotland Yard Investigator (1945) [Carl Hoffmeyer]: Shot by Doris Lloyd just as Erich is about to kill C. Aubrey Smith; he manages to stab Doris in turn before dying.
  • The Mask of Diijon (The Mask of Dijon) (1946) [Diijon]: Decapitated when he falls into his own trick guillotine while fleeing from the police in Erich's magic store.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Orient-Express: Man of Many Skins (1952) [Karmesin/Jovanovitch/The Banker]: Playing a triple role, "Jovanovitch" is shot in the chest by Denise Vernac outside his car, when she double-crosses him after their bank swindle. ("Karmesin" and "The Banker" survive the episode.) (This episode is available as a bonus feature on the Kino Video DVD of Queen Kelly.)

Noteworthy Connections:Edit

  • Father of Erich von Stroheim Jr. (assistant director) and Josef von Stroheim (sound editor)
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