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Erica Lindbeck (1992 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • End of Evangelion (2019; anime) [Ritsuko Akagi]: Shot dead by Gendo (Ray Chase) after failing to shut down NERV. (For the PCB Productions' version of Ritsuko's death, see Sue Ulu.)

Television Deaths[]

  • Your Lie in April: Spring Wind (2016; anime) [Kaori Miyazono]: Dies of complications from her surgery (off-screen).
  • Hunter × Hunter: Signal × To × Retreat (2017; anime) [Pakunoda]: Killed by Kurapika's (Erika Harlacher) Judgment Chain, which destroys her heart, after revealing what happened to Chrollo (Robbie Daymond) to the rest of the Phantom Troupe.

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020) [Jessie]: Is grievously wounded from being crushed by building debris caused by her bombing. She passes away from her wounds while talking to Cody Christian and Britt Baron.