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Eric Roberts in The Expendables

Eric Roberts (1956 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Cable Guy (1996) [Eric Roberts]: Playing himself playing a dual role (portraying Ben Stiller's twin characters) in a film-within-the-film sequence, one Eric shoots the other Eric. The clip ends before the shot is fired.
  • It's My Party (1996) [Nick Stark]: Commits suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills (after being diagnosed with AIDS-related brain lesions), after throwing a farewell party for his friends. (It's been some time since I've seen this movie, so I can't recall whether it ended before or after his death.)
  • Facade (Death Valley) (1999) [Colin Wentworth]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Joe Viterelli .
  • Two Shades of Blue (Video, 1999) [Calvin Stasi]: Shot in the chest and stomach by Rachel Hunter on the porch of the beachhouse; he then falls over the railing and onto the ground some distance below.
  • TripFall (2000) [Mr. Eddie]: Shot to death by John Ritter with a silencer.
  • The King's Guard (2000) [Augustus Talbert]: Hailed by Ashley Jones as he is swordfighting Trevor St. John and when he turns to her she shoots him in the chest. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Con Games (Video, 2001) [Officer Hopkins]: Shot to death by one of the main protagonists after Roberts gives a villainous speech. (Thanks to Gary)
  • National Security (2003) [Nash]: Thrown from a cliff onto some jagged ocean rocks when Steve Zahn drops a wrecking ball onto the concrete platform he's on. (Thanks to Gary)
  • Killer Weekend (2004) [Jack Talbot]: Hit on the head with a trophy by Jennifer Farrell. (Not to be confused with a 2007 film Eric starred in, also called Killer Weekend) (Thanks to Gary)
  • DOA: Dead or Alive (2006) [Donovan]: Killed in an explosion when he's trapped in his headquarters as it self-destructs, after being paralyzed with an acupuncture needle by Devon Aoki (having been crippled by her brother). (Thanks to ND)
  • Dark Honeymoon (2008) [L.A. Guy]: Stabbed to death by Lindy Booth in a coffee-shop restroom. (It's later revealed that everything we've seen is a lie told by Nick Cornish, and that Nick is the actual killer.)
  • The Butcher (2009) [Merle Hench]: Succumbs to his injuries after being shot in the chest by Robert Davi. He dies while talking to Irina Björklund in the car.
  • Royal Kill (2009) [Jimmy Evans]: Presumably beaten over the head with a fire poker by Gail Kim who later turns out to be an alternative personality of Alexander Wraith
  • West End (2013) [Victor Trevi]: I haven't seen this film but it mentions that his death is what sets off the chain of events in the plot summary. [1]
  • Dark Moon Rising (2015) [Henrick]: Slashed to death (off-screen) with long sharp finger nails by Khu.
  • A Fatal Obsession (2015) [Michael Ryan]: Eric's character has drastic plastic surgery and changes his identity to David Winning; he's shot in the head by Tracy Nelson.
  • Sorority Slaughterhouse (2016) [Dean Whitman]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head in his home.
  • Six Gun Savior (2016) [The Devil]: Shot by Kaleo Griffith and disintegrates into ash; naturally Eric re-appears later in the movie.
  • The Institute (2017) [Dr. Torrington]: Cut in half with a scythe, while Tamzin Brown watches in horror.
  • Jake's Road (2017) [Keith]: Accidentally stabbed in the stomach by Garrett Hines and Patrick Flanagan, during a massive struggle.
  • Black Wake (2018) [Dr. Frank]: Killed (off-screen) by Nana Gouvea from some unclear method. His death is briefly mentioned by he's co-workers.
  • The Immortal Wars: Resurgence (2019) [Dominion Harvey]: Disintegrates into dust during a magic battle with Mindy Robinson.
  • Collision Earth (2020) [Colonel Singh]: Falls to his death, while Kate Watson looks on helpless.
  • Her Deadly Groom (2020) [George]: Beaten to death by Michael Devorzon until stabbed on a broken glass.
  • Greatland (2020) ["Alpha Altruist"]: Shot dead by his wife (Jackie Loeb) in an attempt to stage his death as a suicide; we hear the gunshot as Arman Darbo and Nick Moran arrive at his house and the two discover Eric's body shortly afterwards.

TV Deaths[]

  • American Playhouse: Miss Lonelyhearts (1983) [Miss Lonelyhearts]: Shot to death.
  • Doctor Who (Doctor Who: Storm Warning; Doctor Who: The Enemy Within) (1996 TV Movie) [The Master/Bruce]: Playing a dual role, "Bruce" is killed by "The Master," who assumes his form. "The Master" is later sucked into the Eye of Harmony (he returned in a new form as John Simm in the new series). (Thanks to PortsGuy and Julian)
  • In Cold Blood (1996 TV film) [Perry Smith]: Executed by hanging. (Thanks to Gary)
  • The Odyssey (1997 Mini-Series) [Eurymachus]: Shot in the back with an arrow by Armand Assante as Eric tries to run away. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • Oz: Capital P (1997) [Prisoner #97L641, Richard L'Italien]: Executed by lethal injection. (Thanks to Robert)
  • Purgatory (1999 TV film) [Blackjack Britton]: Shot to death by Sam Shepard. (Thanks to Gary)
  • Frozen in Fear (The Flying Dutchman) (2001 TV) [Sean]: Shot to death by Catherine Oxengerg, he was about to kill Scott Plank.
  • Stiletto Dance (2001 TV film) [Kit Adrian]: Shot in the chest by Romano Orzari while Shawn Doyle is using Eric as a shield, after Eric orders Romano to shoot through him.
  • Strange Frequency (Segment: My Generation) (2001 TV) [Bob Henry]: Killed in a car crash, along with Christopher Masterson, after Tom Heaton cuts the brake line. (Thanks to Robert)
  • Breakaway (Christmas Rush) (2002 TV) [Scalzetti]: Shot by police while he's climbing a ladder in an attempt to escape; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Dean Cain. (Thanks to Neil)
  • CSI Miami: Whacked (2005) [Ken Kramer]: Commits suicide by eating a peanut-butter sandwich (causing him to go into anaphylactic shock due to an allergic reaction). (Thanks to PortsGuy)
  • Fatal Desire (2006 TV film) [Joe Donnely]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by shooting himself in the head. His body is later discovered by Kathleen York.
  • Cyclops (2008 TV film) [Emperor Tiberius Caesar]: Neck snapped by Aaliyah & Jennifer Tilly. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • Depth Charge (2008) [Commander Krieg]: Shot to death by Chris Warren Jr. after Jason Gedrick runs out of ammo and as Eric is about to press the button on the submarine panel that will launch nuclear missiles at three different countries.
  • Fear Itself: Spooked (2008) [Harry Siegal/Harry Bender]: Shot in the chest by Larry Gilliard Jr., after Eric takes Cynthia Watros' gun and Larry mistakenly assumes Eric is trying to kill Cynthia (after she tricks Larry by screaming for help, as revenge for Eric causing her brother's death). He dies as Larry tries to save him as she looks on gleefully (Thanks to Andrew and JOK)
  • Sharktopus (2010) [Dr. Nathan Sands]: Stabbed in the neck by one of the sharktopus' tentacles; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to his daughter (Sara Malakul Lane). (Thanks to Stephen)
  • Femme Fatales: Family Business (2012) [David Bannion]: Commits suicide (off-camera) by shooting himself in the head.
  • The Wrong Teacher (2018 TV film) [Lee Clark]: Shot to death (off-screen) by Philip McElroy, who later stages his death as a suicide.
  • The Wrong Mommy (2019 TV Film) [Roger Kirkland]: Strangled to death by Ashlynn Yennie.
  • The Wrong Mr. Right (2021 TV Film) [Hal]: Killed (off-screen) by Rib Hillis; we last see Eric being chloroformed by Rib as he drags him into another room.

Music Video Deaths[]

  • "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart" (2015) [Prisoner]: Executed by hanging, as Chris Cornell looks on helplessly.


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