Eric Judor in 'Wrong'

Eric Judor (1969 - )


Film Deaths:[edit | edit source]

  • Wrong (2012) [Victor]: Dies of a heart attack (off-camera) in Jack Plotnick's yard, after uprooting a tree for Jack; his body is shown afterwards (covered by a sheet) being loaded into an ambulance when Jack returns from his kitchen after getting a glass of water for Eric. Due to the movie's surrealist/absurdist nature, Eric later reappears alive with no explanation. He dies once again when he wakes up from a nightmare to find himself in a glass coffin, by Mark Burnham. (Thanks to Tim)   

TV Deaths:[edit | edit source]

  • H : Une Histoire de Purgatoire (2002) [Aymé Césaire]: Poisoned after Eric eats some of Ramzy Bedia's Rodenticide Pastas along with Sophie Mounicot and Jean-Luc Bideau as he dies during an argument with Ramzy Bedia and Jamel Debouzze, his death is undone when Richard Bohringer brings back Eric, Sophie and Jean-Luc back to earth but Eric die again along with Jamel, Sophie and Jean-Luc after eating some of Ramzy's Rodenticide Tiramisu. (played for comic effect)
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