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Eric Bana in Troy

Eric Bana (1968 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Troy (2004) [Hector]: Stabbed in the chest with a broken spear and then in a sword at the end of a fight with Brad Pitt that drags him behind his chariot. later his father (Peter O'Toole) convince Pitt give his body back and in night burning by O'Toole and him brother (Orlando Bloom). (Thanks to Gary, Emily, Scott, Katherine, Alison, Grde, Brittany, and Tommy) (Mythologically inaccurate: he was impaled through the neck by Achilles' spear.)
  • Star Trek (2009) [Nero]: Killed along with his crew, when the USS Enterprise shoots his ship after filling his ship with so much "red matter" it creates a black hole in the middle of his ship.
  • The Time Traveler's Wife (2009) [Henry DeTamble]: Accidentally shot in the stomach by Philip Craig when Eric materializes in the woods and Philip mistakes him for a deer; he dies shortly after rematerializing in his home, with Rachel McAdams kneeling by his side.
  • Hanna (2011) [Erik Heller]: Shot to death by Cate Blanchett; we only see Cate firing. His body shows lying down dead at roundabouts. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Deadfall (2012) [Addison]: Shot in the chest and stomach by his sister (Olivia Wilde). He dies as she cries over him.
  • Lone Survivor (2013) [Commander Erik Kristensen]: Killed in an explosion, (along with Alexander Ludwig and the rest of the unit) when a Taliban soldier fires an RPG at their helicopter, as Mark Wahlberg and Ben Foster look on in horror.
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) [Uther]: Commits suicide by impaling himself when he throws Excalibur into the air so that it runs through him, after being mortally wounded by his brother (Jude Law) in his superpowered form; Eric's body then turns into stone and sinks into the water. His death is seen multiple times as his son (Charlie Hunnam) relives it in visions and flashbacks, ultimately catching Excalibur in the air before it goes through Eric in a symbolic scene.
  • The Forgiven (2017) [Piet Blomfeld]: Beaten to death by several prison guards.

Television Deaths[]

  • Dirty John (2018) [John Meehan]: Because he is brain dead, Joelle Carter says the doctors to disconnect him from the machine. Hours before, he tried to kidnap Julia Garner, but she stabbed him several times in the back before stabbing in the eye. Later, Eric's body is cremated. (Thanks to Dake)

Notable Connections[]

  • Mr. Rebecca Gleeson