Emma Bell in New Romance Music Video

Emma Bell (1986 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Frozen (2010) [Parker O'Neil]: Succumbed to hypothermia. (Possibly)
  • Final Destination 5 (2011) [Molly Harper]: Bisected by the tail wing during the plane explosion. (Thanks to Tommy)

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • The Walking Dead: Wildfire (2010) [Amy]: After turning into a zombie, she is shot in the head by Laurie Holden. (Thanks to Tommy)

Deaths in Music VideoEdit

  • "New Romance" (2011) (Miles Fisher music video): Falls to her death through the window, after falling facefirst into her desk and getting stabbed in the face by pencils. (Played for comic effect.)

Gallery Edit


Emma Bell in The Walking Dead: Vatos.

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