Emily Holmes (right) in Snakes on a Plane

Emily Holmes (1977 - )

Film DeathsEdit

TV DeathsEdit

  • Meteor Storm (2010 TV) [Laura]: Falls to her death when the Golden Gate Bridge collapses during the meteor storm, as she's trying to escape from her car. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • Cooking Mama World The Search For Ringo (2011 Animated) [David] Killed in an explosion when Ichigo (Grey DeLisle) tries to save her.
  • Supernatural: Reading Is Fundamental (2012) [Hester]: Stabbed in her back by Rachel Miner with an Angel-blade which went through her chest, emitting bright white light out of her human vessel's chest as she was about to kill Misha Collins.
  • Independence Day-saster (2013 TV) [Celia Leyman]: Crushed/sliced by one of the alien drones, as she sacrifices herself so that the others have a chance of stopping the alien attack.
  • The Order: Hell Week, Part Two (2019) [Margaret Crain]: Tortured to death off-screen by golem Dylan Playfair which was under Max Martini's control. The exact method of killing is unknown as Emily chose the fictional torture called "Morlock's Lament" for her execution.

Notable connectionsEdit

  • Mrs. Michael Ziff.


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