Emily Browning in Legend

Emily Browning (1988 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Pompeii (2014) [Cassia]: Hit by a wave of molten lava while kissing Kit Harington (when they decide to spend their final moments together than continue pointlessly fleeing). Their bodies are later shown incased by a molten shell.
  • Legend (2015) [Frances Shea]: Commits suicide by overdosing on pills; she dies when her brother (Colin Morgan) discovers her and tries to revive her (off-screen). Her body is seen when her husband (Tom Hardy) arrives at the scene and again when he visits her in the morgue.

TV DeathsEdit

  • American Gods; The Bone Orchard (2017) [Laura Moon]: Killed in a car crash (off screen) while giving a blowjob to Dane Cook - later revealed to have been a vehicular homicide committed by Pablo Schreiber on behalf of Ian McShane. Her death is discovered when Ricky Whittle is informed while being released from prison and later depicted in the episode Get Gone. She is brought back to life when Ricky leaves Pablo's magical coin at her grave, and appears throughout the rest of the series as an animated corpse.
  • American Gods; A Prayer For Mad Sweeney (2017) [Laura Moon/Essie McGowan]: Playing a dual role, "Essie" dies of old age with Pablo Schreiber by her side, two hundred years prior to the events of the series. "Laura" briefly dies again when she loses control of her truck and crashes, accidentally dislodging the magic coin from her decayed body in the process; however, Pablo returns the coin to her, restoring her to life once again.

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