Emily Baldoni in Legend of the Seeker: Princess

Emily Baldoni (1984 - )

aka Emily Foxler

Film Deaths

  • Grizzly Park (2008) [Bebe]: Breast torn off by a grizzly bear.

TV Deaths

  • Legend of the Seeker: Princess (2010) [Sister Nicci]: Her original unnamed character is stabbed in the chest (with her own consent) in a sacrificial ceremony; her body then comes back to life with Jolene Blalock’s spirit. (Thus, Emily now plays the character previously played by Jolene before Jolene was killed off). (Thanks to Fleming)
  • Legend of the Seeker: Bound (2010) [Sister Nicci]: Bitten by a poisonous spider; she is later brought back to life after Craig Horner treats her wound with an antidote from a rare flower. (Thanks to Fleming)
  • Legend of the Seeker: Tears (2010) [Sister Nicci]: Shot in the back with an arrow by Tabrett Bethell; she dies in Bridget Regan’s arms shortly afterwards. She is later magically brought back to life. (Thanks to Fleming)

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