Emilie Ullerup in Hunt to Kill

Emilie Ullerup (1984 - )

Film Deaths

  • Hunt to Kill (2010) [Dominika]: Impaled through the chest when Steve Austin throws a makeshift spear at Gil Bellows and hits her instead.
  • A Little Bit Zombie (2012) [Penelope Pendleton]: Shot in the back of the head by Crystal Lowe with a shotgun. We don't see Crystal shooting we see only Emilie's face exploding.
  • Leprechaun Origins (2014) [Catherine]: Mauled by Leprechaun.

TV Deaths

  • Sanctuary: End of Nights Part 2 (2009) [Ashley Magnus]: Disintegrated when she teleports into a force-field while holding onto a vampire-hybrid creature, sacrificing herself to destroy it. (Thanks to David)


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