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Elysia Rotaru in Girl House

Elysia Rotaru (1984 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Girl House (2014) [Heather]: Killed when Slaine suffocates/chokes her by pushing a dildo down her throat and wrapping tape around her mouth while she was having sex with her boyfriend (Nudity Alert: Topless in front).

Television Deaths[]

  • Smallville: Escape (2010) [Female Inn Guest]: She gets possessed by Silver Banshee and kills her boyfriend (off-screen). Silver Banshee then jumps from her body into Allison Mack's. After the swap, Elysia dies.
  • Supernatural: Of Grave Importance (2012) [Victoria Dodd]: Throat slit by Antonio Cupo many years ago before the episode began. She was seen as a ghost in this episode untill Antonio's ghost burned her remains and she was put to rest.
  • Arrow: Schism (2016) [Taiana]: Neck broken by Stephen Amell at her own request when she become consumed with darkness from an enchanted idol.