Elyse Levesque (1985 -)  
Elyse Levesque - Stargate Universe.S01E08

Elyse Levesque's alternate timeline death in Stagate Universe: Time

aka. Elyse Marie Levesque 

Movie DeathsEdit

  • Ready or Not (2019) [Charity Le Domas]: Exploded by supernatural forces along with the rest of the Le Domas family after they fail to kill Samara Weaving by sunrise.

TV Deaths Edit

  • Masters of Horror: The Black Cat (2007) [Virginia Poe]: Dies from tuberculosis in front of her husband (Jeffrey Combs), but she's revealed to be alive at the end of the episode as they revealed that is all a part of Jeffrey's Imagination.
  • Stargate Universe: Time (2009) [Chloe Armstrong]: In this episode of alternate timelines, she dies twice. (1) In an alternate timeline, She was killed by one of the Squigglers during the first attack after it burrowed through her lower chest and emerged from her back (2) In another alternate timeline, she was affected with the Hoth virus brought back from Hoth with contaminated ice water and died of it.
  • The Originals: The Battle of New Orleans (2014) [Genevieve]: Stabbed in the chest by Phoebe Tonkin.
  • Containment: Pilot (2016) [Rita Sanders]: Succumbs to the virus. Her body is seen by Kristen Gutoskie and Chris Wood.


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