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Ellen Woglom dead in Criminal Minds: The Popular Kids

Ellen Woglom's severed head in Dead Tone

Ellen Woglom dead in CSI: NY: Zoo York

Ellen Woglom (1987 - )

aka Ellen Davis Woglom

Film Deaths[]

  • Dead Tone (7eventy 5ive) (2007) [Sorority Chick Becky]: Decapitated with an ax by either Kyle Turley or Brian Hilton (it's never explicitly stated which of the two hooded killers murdered Ellen).

Television Deaths[]

  • Criminal Minds: The Popular Kids (2005) [Cherish Hanson]: Bludgeoned to death with a rock by Will Rothhaar in the woods (off-camera). Her body is shown later in the episode.
  • CSI: NY: Zoo York (2005) [Brianna Freemont]: Injected with synthetic spider venom by Lesli Kay to get revenge on Rebecca Staab for ruining her life. Her body is shown on a carousel at the beginning of the episode, when the CSIs arrive, and later in the morgue. Her death is shown in a flashback near the end of the episode.